[CentOS] Centos and Software RAID

Mark Schoonover schoon at amgt.com
Fri May 26 23:02:51 UTC 2006

Rodrigo Barbosa <mailto:rodrigob at suespammers.org> tapped at Friday, May 26,
2006 3:15 PM:

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> On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 03:10:37PM -0700, Mark Schoonover wrote:
>> Barry L. Kline <mailto:blkline at attglobal.net> tapped at Friday, May
>> 26, 2006 2:56 PM: I'd like to know how things went with software
>> raid when you've lost a drive in a mirror or RAID5. The times that's
>> happened to me, I could never recover the partition - had to always
>> restore from tape. After that point, it was hardware only. Software
>> RAID works fine, as long as there's no problems. 
> Never had a problem with that. Always worked fine for me. Had at
> least 3 
> different cases like that so far. Always recovered flawlessly.

Hmmm, maybe it was user error on my part? I lost a 2TB system system built
on md, and then again with a 250GB system. It was tough getting 2TB off of
tape in a quick manner! :) Ended up doing disk to disk backups, and staying
away from software raid. Hardware raid really isn't that expensive these
days, even for large 16 drive systems.


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