[CentOS] Thunderbird not automatically filter on incomming mail

J.J.Garcia stigmatedbrain at gmail.com
Sat May 27 02:54:13 UTC 2006

Barry L. Kline wrote:
> Click on Tools->Message filters.
> Is the "enabled" box checked on the affected filters?  You may have to
> go into each non-checked filter and check that the settings under
> "Perform these actions" are correct.  I have found that Tbird forgets
> these if you move your mail folders around from outside the program and
> if it finds the folder missing, it will disable the filter.

Yes it's. I have multiple mail accounts and all the filters are placed into the
"Local folders" ("Filters for:") instead of by email account, dont know if it's
the problem just the way i defined the filters using the "Create Filter From
Message" facility,

All of them are checked "enabled" and all of them run on "inbox" folder.

I've also enabled the filter log to see if i have a more detailed info about
what is doing,

> Barry

Thx anyway Barry


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