AW: [CentOS] two gateways on one PC ?

Niels Przybilla nprzybilla at
Sun May 28 19:05:22 UTC 2006

thnaks for this. But I need to setup two gateways.
In the corresponding ifcfg files are the right gateways setup.

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Look in /etc/sysconfig/network, There should be a line in there that looks
like GATEWAY=83.x.x.1. If there isn't then check
/etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-name of interface for the same line.
If neither of them have if then adding it in either should be sufficent. 

On 5/28/06, Robert <kerplop at> wrote: 

Niels Przybilla wrote:

> Hi,
> i added second nic to my server
> I have these two uplinks:
> My main uplink is 195.XXX.XXX.XXX
> My secondary is 83.XXX.XXX.XXX
> When I add the secondary NIC, CentOS automatically sets default gw to
> 83.XXX.XXX.1 and deletes the gateway from 195.XXX.XXX.1
> How can I set it that CentOs uses the gateway 195.XXX.XXX.1 as default
> gateway. When I set this manually with route, CentOS changes my
> sentings after a reboot.
> And I need also to accept incoming traffic on 83.XXX.XXX.1.
> Thanks for your help and best regards 
> Niels

Have you checked -- especially section
4.x ?

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