[CentOS] Deleting a MYSQL database

Tue May 2 20:22:35 UTC 2006
albi <albi at scii.nl>

On Tue, 2 May 2006 13:24:21 -0700
"Chris Heiner" <cheiner at networkdesignsinc.net> wrote:

> Does anyone know the syntax for deleting a MYSQL database? I created
> one and messed up something in a config.inc.php on myphpadmin and now
> im locked out when I tried to access the http authentication for
> myphpadmin.
> I want to delete the database, recreate all and take better notes on
> passwords etc..

# in mysql :

drop database database-name;

where database-name is the name of the database you want to remove

grtjs, albi
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