[CentOS] differences between yum update and yum check-update

Thu May 4 17:28:26 UTC 2006
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

yum check-update:
clamav.i386             0.88.1-1.el4.kb        kbs-CentOS-Extra
clamav-data.i386        0.88.1-1.el4.kb        kbs-CentOS-Extra
clamav-lib.i386         0.88.1-1.el4.kb        kbs-CentOS-Extra
clamav-update.i386      0.88.1-1.el4.kb        kbs-CentOS-Extra

yum update:

 clamav-db     i386       0.88.2-1.el4.rf  rpmforge          4.0 M
     replacing  clamav-update.i386 0.88-1.el4.kb

 clamav        i386       0.88.1-1.el4.kb  kbs-CentOS-Extras  545 k
 clamav-lib    i386       0.88.1-1.el4.kb  kbs-CentOS-Extras  143 k

Updating for dependencies:
 clamav-data   i386       0.88.1-1.el4.kb  kbs-CentOS-Extras  3.4 M

The installed clam rpms on this machine are from kbs-CentOS-Extras (which 
is protected=1 while rpmforge/dag is not!)

I think not only should the replacement not happen if the replaced 
rpm/repo is protected, there should also be no difference between update 
and check-update! A bug in yum?


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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