[CentOS] CentOS-4.3 Kickstart 'Boot Failed'

Fri May 5 18:06:11 UTC 2006
Rebecca Hepper <rebecca5511 at hotmail.com>


I'm trying to setup a CentOS-4.3 kickstart. When vmlinuz is loading, a 
message appears "Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to 

I am kickstarting via a USB flash drive. From the i386 ISO image #1, I am 
using vmlinuz from the isolinux directory.  I have grabbed the vmlinuz file 
from a couple different mirrors just in case the one I had originally was 

My CentOS-4.2 kickstart works without any issues and I modeled my 4.3 
kickstart after 4.2.

Any ideas on what could be causing the boot failed problem?

Thank you.

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