[CentOS] Centos and Dual Core Opteron in a Tyan Mobo

Sat May 13 05:10:07 UTC 2006
Erick Perez <eaperezh at gmail.com>

Hi folks, an Asterisk (www.asterisk.org) box will be built with the
following specs and I wanted to know if CENTOS has a built
process/config/parameter/special distro to target the AMD Opteron Dual
Core plataform:

2 amd opteron 265 dual core 1.8 Ghz 2mb l2 cache
2x1024 ocz c2-6400 dual channel gold GX XTC
2 Seagate 16mb cache 300 GB barracuda 7200 drives
another 2 Seagate 500 GB 16mb cache baracuda ata 7200 drives
lite on dual layer lightscribe 16x dvd+rw/rw x48 drive
4 port Sata Raid controller
raid - 10
2 gigabit E broadcom 10/100/100 GBE lan controller
Tyan Thunder K8WE (S2895) motherboard or Tyan motherboards with
ServerWorks BCM5785 Chipset (or similar from Tyan only)

All your comments will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Erick Perez
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