[CentOS] PDF viewer?

Mon May 15 12:57:57 UTC 2006
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>


I'm looking for a usable PDF viewer with CentOS 4.3. On my previous install
(Slack running XFCE with a handful of GNOME libs), I used Evince, which is just
great. Looks like this is an Achilles' heel in CentOS, as I tested three
available PDF viewers (ggv, gsview, acroread) with various PDF documents
downloaded from the internet (which all display perfectly with Evince): either
the result is just ugly, like Lego for the very young. Or the document can't be
opened at all and produces an error. Which is annoying, as I have to install
this in a production environment in about two weeks.

Any suggestions?

Niki Kovacs