[CentOS] Load Balancing

Tue May 23 14:58:54 UTC 2006
Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net>

> We are starting a new project, and are trying to decide the best way to 
> proceed.  We want to setup a LAMP configuration using Centos, something 
> we have been doing in the past with great success.
> The question is load balancing.  We antisipate the potential for the 
> system to receive 500,000 requests/ day with in the next year.  We want 
> to plan for that extra load now as we start the project.  What would you 
> suggest for setups for multiple servers for redundancy and load balancing?
> I have setup MySQL replication and that works fine but what about the 
> rest of the system.  I know it is quite simple to setup with windows 
> 2003 server.
> Would a cluster be the way to go?  Ideally we would like 2-? severs 
> setup that are all identical and sharing the load as need be, and if one 
> fails users would notice nothing.
> I have also thought of just looking for a hosting company that offers 
> load balancing servers and not worry about it but we like to have control.
> Thanks for any suggestions

personally is you want a commercial system i would go for Zeus as it 
installs onto commodity x86 hardware or if you want open source then the 
Linux LVS project is a good bet