[CentOS] OT - yum missing from a RHEL4 server???

Wed May 31 20:15:18 UTC 2006
kevin at kevinkempterllc.com <kevin at kevinkempterllc.com>

Hi List;

Sorry for the OT post. However I suspect if anyone outside of RH can help with
this question it would be this list.

I'm starting a new contract with a shop that knows little about Linux and I'm
helping pave the way. I've "inherited" an existing Linux install (RHEL4). I
want to setup some tools but I find that yum is not installed. Is this normal
for a RH box ? I thought that the RH up2date tool used yum under the covers.

Anyhow, is there an easy way to get yum installed on this box ?
I do have VNC access - and I can run KDE in the VNC connection even though
according to the add/remove software tool KDE is not installed by changing the
xstartup file forthat user under ~/.vnc  (wierd!!)

I suspect the answer is to find & download a yum rpm for redhat and install it
via rpm but I want to be sure I dont do something stupid on a client system.

Thanks in advance...