[CentOS] Received signal 11 during kickstart

Wed May 31 21:22:29 UTC 2006
Alfred von Campe <alfred at 110.net>

I recently built a CentOS from the 4.3 ISOs.  Now I'm ready to build  
another 10 systems using kickstart.  I took the anaconda-ks.cfg file  
from the first system I built manually, modified it slightly (see  
below), and made it available via http.  I booted the new system from  
the first CentOS 4.3 CD and typed the following:

   boot: linux ks=http://hostname/test-ks.cfg

Here are the changes I made to the kickstart file:

   - Replaced "cdrom" with "url --url http://hostname"
   - Removed xconfig line (slightly different video HW)
   - Changed the host name in the network line
   - Uncommented the partition information

The system boots the initial kernel, gets an IP address, gets the  
kickstart file via http, but then dies with a "installation exited  
abnormally -- received signal 11" message.  I've done this  
successfully in the past.   Can a misconfigured kickstart file cause  
this problem?  How can I debug this?