[CentOS] Hanging @ Sendmail During Boot

Tue May 2 08:45:26 UTC 2006
Mark Sargent <powderkeg at snow.email.ne.jp>

Paul Schoonderwoerd wrote:

>On Tuesday 02 May 2006 10:08, Andy Green wrote:
>> Do the affected boxes have a proper hostname?
>>cat /etc/sysconfig/network
>>I seem to recall seeing that gnome complaint under such circumstances...
>This sort of timeouts is usually due to nameresolution problems, either it's 
>own name or other names, and Sendmail relies heavily on it.
>As I recall RedHat is known for not putting a proper entry for it's own name 
>in /etc/hosts, so check this. Also check the output of the 'hostname' 
>Then check that the entries in /etc/resolv.conf point to the right 
>dns-servers, either your internal dns-server(s) or your isp's.
Hi All,

# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.       localhost.localdomain   localhost

; generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
search BigPond

[ozboy at home-hehbbzsuy7 sysconfig]$ hostname

The /etc/resolv.conf settings are correct. Cheers.

Mark Sargent.