[CentOS] wu-ftpd, proftpd, or vsftpd!

Tue May 2 18:26:54 UTC 2006
Troy Engel <tengel at fluid.com>

Benjamin Smith wrote:
> When you install from source, you're married to that package from then on, and 
> have to maintain it until the end of time! But, when you install a distro 
> RPM, the good folks at RedHat and CentOS effectively maintain it. That's a 
> *good thing*, since they'll most assuredly do a better job at it. 

Your reasoning is sound. However, there are real-world scenarios where 
you have to do this, so it's better to develop a robust secondary plan 
to supplement the automatic distro yum upgrades rather than possibly 
living within the restrictions of the distro (unhappily).

Take for instance MySQL -- CentOS4/RHEL4 ship 4.1.12 in some form. But, 
your developer coding an application needs 4.1.18 in order to utilize 
some newer SQL syntax features (INSERT ... SELECT ... ON
DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ...). So, you end up having to install a newer set 
of server binaries (carefully -- w/ MySQL, I marry custom downloads with 
the RPMs, so they can co-exist) so I can meet the developer and business 

Subscribing to announce mailing lists to track security releases is of 
course important, or if you can't use a mailing list setting up a 
monitoring software like WebSec 
(http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/websec/) is a good alternative.

My $0.02 US. :)

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