[CentOS] Best way to install on Reiserfs?

Wed May 3 12:05:48 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

On 5/3/06, Jorge García <jorge at garsan.com.mx> wrote:
> Hello, how can install my CentOS 4.3 under Reiserfs from install? (clean
> install)

This would currently require rebuilding the install CD.

> I hace already googled about this but some answers are too crazy than
> I'm get scared!

Yeah. Thinking about using Reiserfs makes me scared too. It's not what
I'd consider production ready / stable for RHEL or CentOS.

> I was thinking something like this: Format my S-ATA with other distro
> who support Resiserfs and when the install finish reboot and chroot to
> my particion and install the kernel from centosplus??? (I'm crazy?, this
> maybe work?)

Doing things this way is REALLY going to limit the use of your system.
Why not install / on an ext3 partition and create a seperate data
partition which uses reiserfs, if you really want to use it.

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