[CentOS] Anybody ever done 6 monitors on one server before? :)

Thu May 4 21:03:26 UTC 2006
James Gagnon <jamesg at nucleus.com>

My boss wants to put together a Network Operations Center, with a 
network monitoring server as the centerpiece.  He wants that server to 
have 6 monitors: 4 for network monitoring tools (rrdtool, etc) and two 
for running commands and the like (ping, traceroute, etc).

I know that with the right video card(s) you can have two monitors, but 
has anybody had 6?



Closest thing I have seen is Quake 3 on a 24 monitor system... But it uses a
cluster of 12 linux servers with 2 monitors per server...  Not sure if it
can be done without a cluster type environment.  Here is the link on the
Quake 3 gaming setup... Looks pretty slick! :)


James Gagnon