[CentOS] Centos4.3 hangs on install

Fri May 5 10:57:59 UTC 2006
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

spart cus wrote:
> Here  are the details.
> Intel SCB26
> x86 family model II Steppng 1 Genuinie Intel 1130 Mhz
> Adaptec AIC 7899 Ultra SCSI 160/m PCI SCSI Card
> ZJCS ZJCS2-73GB SCSI Disk (2)
> My setup is only to install centos4.3 for my proxy server. What info should i give ?

Have a look at the thread at:


which points to the bug report at:


which suggests using the installer boot command line option:


I haven't seen this problem myself.

James Pearson