[CentOS] Protectbase Plugin not working?

Sun May 7 23:31:20 UTC 2006
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote on Sun, 07 May 2006 16:07:06 -0500:

> Regardless, the error is caused because of the naming not being the same 
> between the two repos.  If the names were the same (or if the obsoletes 
> were consistent), then the plugin would function properly.  The file 
> clamav-db is newer than something else ... and it is not being blocked 
> from being installed because it doesn't exist in the other repo.  That 
> is why there is confusion ... however the plugin ultimately prevents the 
> install.  You can't expect yum/RPM to solve this issue unless the two 
> repos in question either name the files the same things ... OR ... make 
> them provide the same things.  That is how yum will know they are the 
> same.  To yum, clamav-db is not part of the already installed clamav 
> stuff since it doesn't exist in the other repo.

Sure, that it is really protectbase letting it fail in the end? I think the 
problem occurs because of the way protectbase works. It just excludes x 
packages and it checks against that list. Nothing else. I don't think that 
it is consulted again at that stage. Real protection would be to check with 
each package before installation which package it replaces and then check 
if the to-be-replaced package is from a protected repo or not (which is 
done by matching of the name and not by looking it up in a local database - 
the better way would be to store the repo in a database when a package gets 
installed - this way you would always know where it came from.)


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