[CentOS] Special character with Apache in Centos 4.3

Mon May 8 07:45:49 UTC 2006
Dominik Składanowski <dskladanowski at gmail.com>

2006/5/8, Luigi Palmiero <adnusielog4 at rmsud.esercito.difesa.it>:
> Hi guys,
> i have installed centos 4.3 and i have a problem with Apache.
> All char like "°", "-", ecc. in web pages appears as "?".
> This is the variable in httpd.conf:
> "AddDefaultCharSet UTF-8"
> I have also set: "AddDefaultCharSet ISO-8859-1" without any change.
> Where is the problem?
> Thanks

Remove "AddDefaultCharSet ISO-8859-1" - it is no needed - and just
comment "AddDefaultCharSet UTF-8" - it disable forcing UTF8 in files
Apache serve.

Character encoding in HTML files will work.

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