[CentOS] Serverworks HT1000 chipset drivers (Supermicro H8SSL motherboard)

Sun May 14 01:49:25 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Chris Mauritz wrote:
>> Since this is just for burn in and testing, I use the
>> default partitions that are suggested and it formats root just fine and
>> then hangs about 90% of the way through /boot....every time on more than
>> one machine.  :-(
> try installing in text mode.  Keep an eye on vc#3 and vc#4 for whats
> going on...

I was able to get an install to complete in text mode (wierd), but the 
kernel randomly panics and wedges the machine within minutes of 
booting.  There must be a newer driver in the FC5 kernel since that 
seemed to be running without incident when the machines arrived.  I have 
a bunch of cheap Silicon Image 3112-based dual SATA cards on hand so I 
ended up just disabling the onboard SATA ports and used those instead.  

Otherwise, the machines seem pretty darned speedy using 2gigs RAM, an 
Opteron 175, and dual 250gig drives.

I'm a bit torn in terms of choosing the version of CentOS for them.  All 
this prelim testing has been with the x86_64 version.  Has anyone seen 
any real world performance delta between x86 and x86_64 (assuming that 
you're not using all that extra address space)?