[CentOS] CD #1 & 4 flip-flop

Mon May 15 15:36:07 UTC 2006
C.. Scott Heisler <Scott.Heisler at huntleighusa.com>


Thanks for the thorough explanation.  That makes a great deal of sense as a
1-disk install is very desirable for many people.


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On Sat, 2006-05-13 at 01:07 -0500, C.. Scott Heisler wrote:
> Does anyone know why the install CD set request the 1st CD during the
loading of files from the 4th cd and then goes back to completing the setup
on the 4th cd?
> This started with the 4.2 version I believe (at least that's when I first
noticed it) and I thought it was strange.  Now the 4.3 set does the same
thing and I was wondering why.
> Thanks.
> Scott

Anaconda picks the package order based on priority settings, dependency
processing, etc.

There is a file (comps-CENTOSxxxxx.rpm) that world normally be on
CD-4 ... it is moved to CD-1 because it is part of every install and we
would like the minimal install to be self containing on CD-1.

If we did not do this, a minimal install would require downloading disc
1 and disc 4.

It (comps) gets installed at different times in the install, based on
what packages you have (and it's calculated order in the install) ...
and during that time, it will ask you to put CD-1 back in.  Depending on
the install you do and the packages, it may come after CD-1 is normally

We believe one switch during install is better than 2 discs for every
install, even a minimum one ... so that is why it currently works that