[CentOS] PHP5 questions

Mon May 15 18:18:58 UTC 2006
Mike Stankovic <mlists2006 at yahoo.com>

--- Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com> wrote:

> When I try updating I get a dependency warning from
> php-eaccelerator (from 
> dag repo) - can I ignore that? Searching thru my
> list archive I find it 
> mentioned several times that eaccelerator works with
> PHP5, but it's not 
> clear if and what package.

remove the php-eaccelerator for php-4.3.9 and build
one for php-5.0.4. php-eaccelerator does not build on
php 5.1.x only 5.0.x see this post
for details. The maintainer for php 5.0.4 in
CentOSplus should build it as its an extension that
works without problems.

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