[CentOS] source rpms

Tue May 16 20:34:20 UTC 2006
Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>

Nick Smith wrote:

>> To build against squid, you should only need the squid-devel package.
>> If you really do need srpms, you can get them on any centos mirror,
>> but they aren't available via yum.
> how do i get the squid-devel package? yum seach squid-devel comes up

There probably is no squid-devel.  Whoever wrote the spec file for the 
RPM decides how to partition out the installable files generated by 
building the project.  If the project does not seem to create libraries 
or include header files that other projects will want to touch, no 
-devel RPM is generated by the specfile.

It seems what you need is the SRPM: have a look in here:


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