[CentOS] Configuring a Kodak EZ200 Webcam in CentOS 4.3

Wed May 17 01:11:16 UTC 2006
José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque at cox.net>

José Alburquerque wrote:

> My system has gphoto2-2.1.4-7 installed (I think this a system 
> package), but when I look for EZ200 support (using 'gphoto2 
> --list-cameras'), the EZ200 is not listed.  I also did an 'rpm -ql 
> gphoto2' and noticed that there is no "shared object file" 
> (libgphoto2_kodak_*.so) for the EZ200.  Is it that the EZ200 is only 
> supported in a "newer" version of gphoto2?  Is it alright for me to 
> install a newer version?  I noticed that the gphoto2 website 
> (http://www.gphoto.org/) has a tarball (version 2.1.99) that includes 
> a spec file which I can certainly use to build an rpm.  (Mind you, I 
> just don't want to "break" my system or anything like that, although I 
> would really like to get some use out of this webcam).  Any help would 
> be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
> Sincerely
> Jose Alburquerque

I found a solution:  I found a source rpm for Fedora 3 which has support 
for this camera at 
I downloaded and rebuilt this rpm successfully so I think I will be 
using this rpm.  If my logic is correct, this update will make it to 
CentOS 4 in the future since it is a Fedora 3 update but I'll install it 
now and think that it should work perfectly fine.  I understand why no 
one would suggest anything as it seems the solution might be a little 
complicated.  Thanks anyway though!

Jose Alburquerque