[CentOS] G4-400mhz enough for CentOS 4.3?

Wed May 17 21:32:52 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Paul Heinlein wrote:
> On Wed, 17 May 2006, Chris Mauritz wrote:
>> It's that time again.  I'm stuck with a bunch of older Powermac G4's 
>> that I either need to repurpose or give the heave ho.  I've not tried 
>> CentOS on Mac hardware before.  Would the following config be 
>> suitable for a (somewhat slow) workstation?
>> PowerMac G4
>> 400mhz
>> 256mb RAM
>> 40gig ATA disk
>> Some sort of dual-head ATI video setup with 64mb VRAM (I've forgotten 
>> which cards they are)
> I once installed CentOS/PPC on an aluminum PowerBook G4. It took some 
> doing, but once everything was in place there were only two obvious 
> shortcomings: power management was largely nonexistent and wireless 
> didn't work. Otherwise, it was fine.
> I suspect that, speed aside, your PowerMac will perform just fine. If 
> you plan to run X, extra RAM would probably be a nice addition.

That's good to know. 

It's gotta work better than MacOS 9 that's on there now.  8-)