[CentOS] Re: PHP register_globals

Thu May 18 00:22:29 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> Yes i  did, but i can not chenge register_globals on...
> Is there anything wrong with php.ini? or httpd.conf?

Not to be rude here but how would we know? We won't have access to
these files until you successfully enable php_globals...

Seriously though, we don't know if you have problems with these files
because we don't have the contents. Search through the php.ini to
ensure you haven't declared it more than once. Keep in mind, it's
talked about and commented out in php.ini long before it's actually
declared off.

Once you change it, make sure you restart apache, make sure you're
error checking php input, and make sure you use something like
mod_security. Others are right, they're off for a reason. Please see
http://us3.php.net/register_globals for details.

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