[CentOS] G4-400mhz enough for CentOS 4.3?

Thu May 18 07:09:02 UTC 2006
"Petr \"Qaxi\" Klíma" <qaxi at seznam.cz>

Chris Mauritz napsal(a):
> It's that time again.  I'm stuck with a bunch of older Powermac G4's 
> that I either need to repurpose or give the heave ho.  I've not tried 
> CentOS on Mac hardware before.  Would the following config be suitable 
> for a (somewhat slow) workstation?
> PowerMac G4
> 400mhz
> 256mb RAM
> 40gig ATA disk
> Some sort of dual-head ATI video setup with 64mb VRAM (I've forgotten 
> which cards they are)

will be fine

I run CentOS 4.0beta on

G3 300MHz
128 MB RAM

an it is ... good for testing ... ;-) I need more RAM


    Petr Klíma

    e-mail:  qaxi at seznam.cz