[CentOS] sendmail config problem

Sat May 20 21:54:45 UTC 2006
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 16:13, Paul R. Ganci wrote:
> Recently my wife received an Email addressed from jdavidson4 at home.com. 
> When she tried to reply to the original message her reply bounced with
> ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> <jdavidson4 at home.com>
>    (reason: 553 5.3.5 system config error)
>   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
> 553 5.3.5 home.com.nurdog.com. config error: mail loops back to me (MX 
> problem?)
> 554 5.3.5 Local configuration error
> I started to do some digging and discovered that there is no MX record 
> for home.com which is the ultimate reason my wife's message bounces. 

There is also no A record for home.com.  It's going to bounce
any way you try it.  Comment the:
in sendmail.mc  and you won't accept email with bad reply

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell at gmail.com