[CentOS] Load Balancing

Tue May 23 15:06:20 UTC 2006
Michael Metz [SpeedPartner] <metz at speedpartner.de>


Mace Eliason schrieb:
> The question is load balancing.  We antisipate the potential for the 
> system to receive 500,000 requests/ day with in the next year.  We want 
> to plan for that extra load now as we start the project.  What would you 
> suggest for setups for multiple servers for redundancy and load balancing?
For a customer of ours we're managing a dedicated cluster with about 
10.000.000 Hits/Day hitting the webservers (currently 5 running 
Loadbalancing is done by a set of reverse squid's acting as caches for 
static content also (round about 70% of all hits are handled by squid 
without bothering the webservers).

We're quite happy with this setup at the moment. By now Database-Load is 
handled by only one DB-Server (with manual failover).

>  [...]
> I have also thought of just looking for a hosting company that offers 
> load balancing servers and not worry about it but we like to have control.
In my opinion this is only a matter of negotiation with your hosting 
company - but sure this is dependent on how much control you want to 
have ;-)

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