[CentOS] Explained: Sendmail burst of "rejecting connections" - why?

Fri May 26 12:41:19 UTC 2006
Steve Snyder <swsnyder at insightbb.com>

On Friday 26 May 2006 7:15 am, Steve Snyder wrote:
> What's the reason for the burst of sendmail complaints below?

Several people (thanks, guys!) explained the situation to me.  I thought 
that it was Sendmail itself that was experiencing the high load, which 
shouldn't ever happen.  The real story is that it was the system that was 
experiencing the high load.

The cause of the system high load is no mystery.  I was doing a "make -j3" 
kernel build around that time, so there was high CPU and disk 
utilization.  I wasn't aware when I posted my question that Sendmail 
monitors system load.