[CentOS] New member, new OS, old Tao user

Fri May 26 16:27:51 UTC 2006
Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

Mr. Davis,
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> On Fri, 26 May 2006, Steve Campbell wrote:
>> Mr. Parsley, the main man at the Tao Linux group, has announced that he 
>> will
>> no longer be able to do his thing for Tao Linux.
> Where has that been announced ???

Mr. Parsley notified members of the Tao list that this was forthcoming. I 
don't suppose he had much reason to 'publicly' announce the decision. It was 
a personal decision that everyone would agree with, and I have all the 
respect in the world for him in making his decision.
>> Just recently, I had
>> decided to investigate CentOS 4 before his announcement, and liked a lot 
>> of
>> what I saw. Due to the Tao announcement, I have decided that CentOS will
>> "have" to be the OS for my company in the future. Hence, my new 
>> membership
>> to this list.
> Welcome ...

Thank you. I look forward to "meeting" all of you in the CentOS lists.

>> I would like any opionions any of you may have to offer, and perhaps, 
>> some
>> suggestions on migration to CentOS 3.7 from Tao 1 Update 6.
>> I have usually applied updates only when needed on my current servers. 
>> Some
>> cannot be updated due to the commercial applications being ran on them. 
>> So
>> my first concern is the lateral migration to make CentOS 3 work on my
>> current Tao 1 machines.
> The migration to CentOS 3 should be fairly seamless. As you say - the
> package source is the same.
> We need to work out a migration mechanism, but mainly it will involve
> changes to config files. We would obviously like to do some testing to
> make sure that there are no nasties lurking.

That would be great. I found a link in the archives that make some quick 
suggestions on how to approach this. It was for the S390 version, but it 
appears to be a great starting point.
> One issue may be if you have used the 'protectbase' extra that tao added
> to yum.  We do have a version of yum 2.4 ready for CentOS 3.x , that will
> provide equivalent functionality (and lots more) - which we will expedite
> into testing.

I use it on some machines, and others I skip.

> Regards
> Lance Davis

Thanks for the fast responses I am seeing.
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