[CentOS] kickstart, no dhcp reply received.

Fri May 26 18:22:16 UTC 2006
Fong Vang <sudoyang at gmail.com>

I'ts hardware related.  I have two supposedly similar machines from
the same order.  One kicks fine and not the other.  BIOS setting is
the same on both servers.  This is strange.

anyway, thanks for all the responses.

On 5/26/06, Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 25/05/06, Fong Vang <sudoyang at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > May 24 23:01:38 fong-31-100 in.tftpd [29880]: tftp: client does not
> > > accept options
> Googling for "in.tftpd tftp: client does not accept options" returns
> lots of results which imply this is pretty typical when Kickstarting
> systems and doesn't prevent the boot/install process from working. And
> lots of stuff about Broadcom interfaces in particular.
> > That's  how I'm kicking.  Again, this profile works fine on a
> > different machine.  I'm thinking that it's hardware related.
> Have you tried completely disabling one of the interfaces in the BIOS
> to see if this gets you any further?
> Will.
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