[CentOS] Thunderbird not automatically filter on incomming mail

Fri May 26 20:20:27 UTC 2006
Barry L. Kline <blkline at attglobal.net>

J.J.Garcia wrote:
> Hi folks,

> Is there a way to preset it to automatically filter the incomming mail to the
> corresponding folders? I can remember some time ago it was working ok, but since
> a mail-store translation from a different machine to this one im having this
> issue for some accounts/filters only.

Click on Tools->Message filters.

Is the "enabled" box checked on the affected filters?  You may have to
go into each non-checked filter and check that the settings under
"Perform these actions" are correct.  I have found that Tbird forgets
these if you move your mail folders around from outside the program and
if it finds the folder missing, it will disable the filter.