[CentOS] Perl library

Tue May 30 14:10:55 UTC 2006
James Olin Oden <james.oden at gmail.com>

On 5/26/06, Fong Vang <sudoyang at gmail.com> wrote:
> For over five years now, we use Perl during the post install of
> kickstart to perform customization.  It appears the Perl setup is
> broken in CentOS 4.3 x86_64.  It still works fine on CentOS 4.1
> 32-bit.  The library Perl needs is missing:
>  # perl -V
>  error while loading shared libraries: libperl.so: cannot open shared
> object file: No such file or director

libperl.so is the perl runtime environment (essentially it is perl).
Are your scripts running inside the chroot are not?  If not this may
be understandable (though I didn't know libperl.so was ever part of
the anaconda environment at all...but there is a lot I don't know),
but if you are running in the chroot I can't imagine a perl
installation being done that would install the cli, without the
library...it just doesn't make sense.