[CentOS] Step by step installing vmware server on centos

Mark Schoonover schoon at amgt.com
Thu Nov 2 16:10:29 UTC 2006

Jim Perrin wrote:
>> could you please give me a notes to install vmware server on centos
>> i will be thank full to you
> 1.Download the rpm and register with vmware.com.
> 2.Install the rpm you just got.
> 3. Run vmware-config.pl
> 4. Fire up vmware.
> If you want more detail it would help if you told us which version of
> centos you were using, and for which architecture.

Jim and all,

	I've installed VMWare Server on CentOS 4.2, but I couldn't get the
rpm to work properly for some reason. When I installed via tar.gz file, ran
the scripts, things just worked. My HW is a dual Intel, 2GB RAM and all
SCSI. It's pretty old, so I don't really remember the details...



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