[CentOS] Re: Trouble syncing Palm via USB

Marc Field lists at fieldinternet.com
Thu Nov 2 17:51:39 UTC 2006


Phil Schaffner wrote:
>My (self-compiled) versions:
>I see rawhide (my SRPM source) is still at
>And EL5 beta is using
>Perhaps 0.99.9 is too far ahead of the curve, or it is a permissions

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your reply.  When I have some time, I am going to look into 
whether my older pilot-link or newer jpilot might be the issue.  I have 
already tried various changes to see whether it's a permissions issue, and 
I do not think it is (though I definitely could be wrong...especially in my 
terribly sleep-deprived state due to a new baby).  In the meantime, I 
set-up my pilot to do ppp over usb and it syncs fine (jpilot sees it as a 
network sync, which was already working fine wirelessly).  The workaround 
achieves my goal, which was to get the speed benefit of usb as compared to 
wireless, making backups possible.  It's just a little more work to set up 
the sync each time.

Thanks again,

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