[CentOS] Firefox Tab Cycle Plugin?

Garl Grigsby badd_karma at comcast.net
Fri Nov 3 22:23:14 UTC 2006

David Mackintosh wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I thought I saw a comment on this list a ways back about a firefox
> plugin that would make a browser automatically cycle through the tabs
> it had loaded.  We'd like to use this to load some monitoring systems
> in tabs, and then have the browser cycle through them so we have a
> poor-man's status display station.  
> Does anyone know more specifics about this plugin I think I heard about?
The new version of 'Tab Mix Plus does this. I'm running 0.3.49 on 
FireFox 2.0 and there is option with labeled "Pressing F8 rotates tabs 
every <setting> sec"


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