[CentOS] unable to start installing

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sat Nov 4 21:12:55 UTC 2006

Daniel Teixeira wrote:
> I've tried both noacpi and noapic but none works
> About the hardware it has a adaptec aic-7890 scsi controller (Bios version
> 2.20A) and a emulex lp8000 (?)

the aic stuff can sometimes take a very long time to setup and run on 
the 2.6 kernel ( on your machine spec it might not come up at all! )

try booting the installer into debug mode, see how far it gets. 
Alternatively, disable the aic stuff completely  ( the kernel doc has 
the options )

Finally, try the CentOS-3 installer. some of these really old cards are 
better supported there.


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