[CentOS] files in a directory limitation

Michael Kress kress at hal.saar.de
Sun Nov 5 23:50:20 UTC 2006

On 11/5/2006 10:17 AM, Marcin Godlewski wrote:
>> It took me a whole lotta time to delete that stuff. ;-)
>> Maybe under xfs directories just are limited by inodes and nothing else.
> COuld u tell me why did u take some much time to delete stuff ??

According to 'time' the rm -rf command on these dirs took about 3mn
30sec - I think that's much, but as Feizhou already remarked, it's a
performance matter of xfs. The ext3 deletes were somewhat faster, but I
couldn't really compare as I couldn't create much of these, but doing a
find|wc parallel to rm made me feel that the ext3 rm went faster.

> if u know command for and rm and ls u can do it exactly the same what
> did u do with mkdir command.
> for i in ls; do rm -rf $i;done
> thats it. no big deal to remove that files. :)

I did rm -rf /mnt/xfspart/tmp/ where all the files were inside. I don't
think, creating a single process for each occurrence would be faster
(didn't try it, but I'm quite sure). One also could try 'find ... |
xargs rm' to avoid bash limitations with the asterisk * and which will
also just create one process.
cu - Michael

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