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Rodrigo Barbosa rodrigob at darkover.org
Tue Nov 7 01:58:03 UTC 2006

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On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 12:27:59PM +1300, MrKiwi wrote:
> This is a general VPN question;
> PPTP VPNs seem to be very easy to set up with CentOS as the VPN server
> and the built-in windose client, but how do list members feel about the
> security vunerabilities reported with the MS implementation?
> Specifically the 6 problems reported here : 
> http://www.schneier.com/pptp-faq.html
> or maybe im being paranoid?
> Would any of you roll this solution out using the MS client for business 
> use?
> I generally dont trust anything MS does, especially when security is 
> concerned
> I feel i should be leaning towards an IPSec VPN, would anyone agree? 
> (exchanging keys is not a problem for us)

If possible, my suggestion is always to use OpenVPN.

Having used PPTP and IPSec on many places in the past, OpenVPN
proved to be the most simple and easy to have working (no NAT
issues, among other things) of the bunch.

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