[CentOS] IPP2P RPM ( was: How to block Yahoo , MSN messanger and Kazza with IPTABLES)

David Hrbác( hrbac.conf at seznam.cz
Thu Nov 9 10:43:39 UTC 2006

emporindo napsal(a):
> Hi Indunil, 
> for bloking P2P  , you can use IPP2P  --> www.ipp2p.org  and you can find the RPM base from http://homen.vsb.cz/~hrb33/el4/hrb/stable/i386/RPMS/    thanks mr David

As to IPP2P RPM, I have rebuild it for latest kernel. I have thought no
one is using it. :o) Maybe I should again start build ipt/kernel
modules. Any suggestions for missing ones?

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