[CentOS] Drives Not Recognized on Dell Poweredge 1550 CentOs4 install

Phillip Crump pjcrump at bitstream.net
Sat Nov 11 07:20:16 UTC 2006

I have a new (used)Dell Poweredge 1550 server with 2 scsi drives (dual 1ghz
w/ 2048MB) that I'm attempting to install CentOs 4 onto and am having
problems getting the darn thing to recognize the hard drives.  (it's worth
noting that it's running RAID 0 and the RAID bios recognizes both drives as
being in "optimal" state).  I start the installation process and all is
going well until it autoprobes. All other hardware is found
except for the hard drives. The install subsequently fails because there the
drives can't be found.

I have been googling my brain out over the last week and this seems to be an
issue with installing linux
on this particular server model. (surrounding the megaraid driver and have
tried many of the
things out there to no avail.

To see what I have been trying checkout this mailing list entry:

Any advice that anyone can give is appreciated!


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