[CentOS] Alpha Server 1000A 5/400 Centos 4.3 instal can not find the hard drives.

Stewart Walker Swalker at caspercollege.edu
Sat Nov 11 22:11:07 UTC 2006

During the install of alpha Centos 4.3 I'm told by the Centos installer
that the hard drives can not be found.

Hard Drives have been properly configured in the  ARC setup.

ARC initialization of the drives works fine. I can create windows nt

Went thru the list of drivers provided by Centos but the installer has
already loaded
the the QLogic and Mylex DAC960 controller drivers.

I opened the box and found the controller is really a Mylex controller
card . I'm a little confused
about the  QLogic as it is integrated on the mother board.

Something is missing. What?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


swalker at caspercollege.edu

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