[CentOS] CentOS 4.4 - Email Out

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at 8-p.ca
Mon Nov 13 16:42:27 UTC 2006

Quoting Daniel Senie <dts at senie.com>:

> This business of the installer tossing the host name on the
> line of /etc/hosts is silly, and results in a known step in every
> installation of a server that says "go edit /etc/hosts, remove host
> name". I'm sure it helps something, somewhere, but it makes a mess in
> server environments.

It helps workstations/laptops/whatever that don't have IP address at  
all (or at least not permanently).  That way they can always resolve  
their own hostname to

Of course, it would be nice if installer was doing the right thing if  
networking was configured with static IP address by generating "two  
line" /etc/hosts file (instead of one liner).  Having your own static  
IP address in /etc/hosts file is a good thing in case  
DNS/NIS/LDAP/whatever name service becomes unavailable (due to  
networking glitch, or more permanent damange happens).  That way at  
least local stuff will still work OK.  Also, there might be stuff in  
init.d that depends on beign able to resolve local machine's name to  
an IP address before networking is available (usually such stuff  
should go after network script, but from time to time something  
slips).  The only downside of having host's static IP address in  
/etc/hosts is if you are chaning the host's IP address.  Easy to  
forget to update /etc/hosts.  However, if you have a habit of placing  
it into every /etc/hosts, it just becomes second nature to update  
/etc/hosts when changing host's IP address.  Esp. if you have Solaris  
hosts in the mix (where IP address to be assigned to an interface is  
read from /etc/hosts by default).

I guess Red Hat might be reluctant to fix this.  By doing the "right  
thing" they'd probably get way more support calls from clueless  
newbees that installed RHEL on their laptops, than they are getting  
now from sysadmins that installed it on their server(s) (for example,  
sysadmin skipped morning coffe and as direct result of it haven't  
rechecked the obvious thing to check -- quite understandable).

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