[CentOS] Re: Using Synaptic with Cent OS 4.4

Barry Brimer lists at brimer.org
Tue Nov 14 06:52:32 UTC 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006, Johnny Hughes wrote:

> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 17:07 -0500, Edward Diener wrote:
>> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>>> On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 13:07 -0500, Edward Diener wrote:
>>>> Can Synaptic be used successfully on CentOS 4.4 instead of YumEx ? Are
>>>> there any issues using Synaptic with the CentOS 4.4 repositories ?
>>> There is a version of apt and synaptic for i386 in the extras
>>> repository... however I would not recommend it.  There are many plugins
>>> for yum that work with yem/yumex that do not work for apt (fastest
>>> mirror, protectbase, etc.,)
>>> So, things like 3rd Party repos and the like become more dangerous in
>>> apt that with yum on CentOS.
>>> Also, apt is ONLY for 1386 distro as the version we have does not do
>>> multilib arches.
>> The reason I asked is because YumeEx 1.02 does not show the packages
>> which depend on a given package when I specify a package I want to
>> remove. In Synaptic when I specify that I want to remove a package I am
>> immediately shown the packages which depend on it and if I proceed to
>> remove it, Synaptic automatically removes those packages, but I can
>> choose to Cancel the removal immediately.
>> It may be that in YumEx, after adding a package to be removed to the
>> Queue, does prompt one about the other packages which depend on that
>> package and automatically removes when I process the Queue, letting me
>> back out of the removal once I am prompted, but I did not try it for
>> fear that I might remove a package needed by other packages.
>> In general I try to keep packages at a minimum for what I will actually
>> be using on a Linux system, and after an installation I go through the
>> packages installed and remove any extraneous ones. YumEx appears to make
>> this much harder than Synaptic. That is why I was hoping that I could
>> use Synaptic instead.
> Yum can not remove items that are needed by other programs ... it will
> fail the dependency checks.
> One should not remove packages (IMHO) with any GUI tool.  Heck, I don't
> even remove packages with yum, but individually and from the command
> line.  I could tell you about a machine where I used yum to remove a
> file and it's dependencies, didn't pay attention to the file list, and
> it tried to remove glibc ... and I can duplicate that same problem in
> apt.  (A machine will break part of the way though removing glibc and it
> is not pretty :P)
> Removing packages with auto dependency resolution is dangerous (IMHO)
> and should be avoided.
> What do other think about this?

I agree completely.  Yum is great for installing packages and their 
dependencies.  It is dangerous to remove packages with yum.  I only remove 
with "rpm -e".


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