[CentOS] Broken ncurses symlinks

Moyena Bingi lionrules1 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 15 15:57:43 UTC 2006

Thanks for your help, I am new to linux.  The version which comes with 
CentOS, for some reason installs broken on my system.  I did a fresh install 
a few weeks ago, did not add any external repo except for plus and the other 
ones that are not abled in the Centos base repo.  After an update ncurses 
was installed and it was already broken.

I was not lucky they do not have a make uninstall in the source tree.


Moyena Bingi wrote:

Top posting and breaking quoting is even worse for your karma.

 > I have two versions on my pc ncurses 5.4.13 which is from
 > centos.karan.org.

5.4.13 is the ncurses version which comes with CentOS. And which
normally isn't broken.

 > I complied version 5.5 from the source, hoping that
 > might fix the problem.  I downloaded it from ncurses website.

How should breaking the package management on your box by introducing
self compiled software which *replaces* packages from the base system
help fix things?

If you're lucky the ncurses sources have an uninstall target so you can
say "make uninstall" in the source tree.

Then get the ncurses rpms from <http://mirror.centos.org/> and install
them with rpm -ivh --replacepkgs ncurses*.rpm.


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