[CentOS] Replay mail to test MTA + filtering

MrKiwi mrkiwi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 21:30:24 UTC 2006

Hi All,

My kit : Centos4.4 + Postfix + SA + ClamAV (not that its relevant)

General question - Does anyone know of a product which can take a folder 
/ mbox
of mail (spam, ham, virus infected stuff, scam mail and hoaxes) and 
"replay" it back
against a test server to determine the servers ability to filter?

I have looked at some low level (IP) packet replayers, but i cant really 
find anything suitable
at the mail/smtp level.
It would have to "simulate" connections from external IP addresses to 
allow RBL etc to work and
also i guess i would have to choose an "MTA style" of the sender to be 
simulated so that the MTA
i am testing can do its thing when some tries something which fails the 
smtpd_*_restrictions tests.

It will probably be the case that i need to "recapture" the mail at a 
higher detail, as an RFC compliant
unit of mail in my mailbox doesn't tell me anything about how the smtp 
conversation went, and certainly
doesn't allow me to recreate the conversation.

Is anyone building something like this?

Any hints appreciated.



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