[CentOS] Java JDK on CentOS 4.4

Edward Diener eldiener at tropicsoft.com
Wed Nov 15 22:28:12 UTC 2006

I did not choose Java when I installed CentOS 4.4 and I want to install 
a JDK to do Java programming. What is the default Java JDK for CentOS 
4.4 ? I see under YumEx very little which looks like a Java JDK. Is 
there one in the distribution ? Is there a way to get Sun's latest JDK 5 
installed safely and successfully on CentOS 4.4, perhaps via an RPM for 
it tailored to CentOS 4.4, or should I just use the one on Sun's web 
site ? After installing the RPM is there anything else I have to do to 
get it to work properly in CentOS 4.4 ? Any help is gratefully appreciated.

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