[CentOS] About download ISO image, again

Mark Schoonover schoon at amgt.com
Thu Nov 16 00:03:31 UTC 2006

Karl R. Balsmeier wrote:
> The installer still asks you if you want various options, -I don't
> seem to remember it having X.
> One thing I can say however is that it's VERY HANDY for me to not have
> to burn 3 or 4 CD's, or the DVD, just to get a server deployed.
> So thanks to the CentOS staff who came up with that clever idea.  It
> is truly handy.
> -karl

I just did a server install, actually a 2.4TB NAS using the first CentOS
disk, but choosing a minimal install option. What's the difference between
that option and the server CD??



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