[CentOS] tar vs. star vs. something-else-I-don-t-know-about

Fabian Arrotin fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net
Thu Nov 16 10:28:00 UTC 2006

>> One is tar, and second is star.
> Tar is the one you'll likely run into the most. Star is similar to
> tar, but has ACL support, so if you're using extended ACL support
> (requires a mount option to the file system) you get to keep all the
> fine grained permissions. This applies to about 1% of the user
> population*.
> * This statistic was yanked directly from the southern orifice and
> should not in any way be considered accurate

I have a bunch of Samba servers that need the ACL option to simulate a
Windows server behaviour but i still use Tar for the backups. I just save
my ACL with getfacl in a file prior to the tar itself. In such case i know
that i'll be able to restore both file and ACLs even on a system that has
only tar and not star ....

* Fabian Arrotin - http://www.arrfab.net *

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