[CentOS] pam ulimit 64 bit

Peter van Eck peter at vaneckonline.net
Thu Nov 16 16:04:35 UTC 2006


Although this is on RHEL 4 update 2 x86-64  I would like to place the
question on this list.

I'm trying to set up some shell limits for a user.

I've added the user to /etc/security/limits.conf

There is an entry in /etc/pam.d/login with pam_limits.so as well as in

When I try to set  ulimit -n <value>  I get :  cannot modify limit :
Operation not permitted

Even if I replace all entries in /etc/pam.d/login with the absolute path
to /lib64/security it doesn't work.

Any suggestions on where to look now ?



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